With thanks to Jerry Carter
BELT COLOURS - maroon, gold and purple


I can confirm that the Westminster Dragoons Squadron of the Royal Yeomanry has a Squadron stable belt that is comparable to the stable belt worn by The Westminster Dragoons when it was a Regiment in its own right. The stable belt is 3" wide with a 2-clasp black buckle which is fastened on the left hand side.

With thanks to C J Sayer MBE, Captain, PSA0

After I had completed my service with The Royal Hussars (PWO) and returned back to The Royal Yeomanry in 1991, I was the Officers Mess Sergeant for HQ Squadron, Westminster Dragoons and by this time they were wearing the W Squadron belt (other ranks) and most officers wore the (Lovat green with white and mustard stripes all of equal width) Royal Yeomanry Regiment belt.

LEFT TO RIGHT - Royal Yeomanry Regiment Tie
Berkshire & Westminster Dragoons Programme
& Regimental Coloured Ribbon
W Sqn Stablebelt

With thanks to John Cook

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