BELT COLOURS - red with central blue and yellow stripes


The colours of Victory College - Yellow and Old College - Blue, have been incorporated into the difference between the three terms now. There was also a Red stable belt for New College. These days the Junior intake wear a yellow lanyard, Intermediate intake is blue and the Senior intake is red. The different stable belts are no more, just the Sandhurst one. The Sandhurst one is still worn by cadets of all intakes with Barrack Dress.

With thanks to Cmr Elmhirst SG, Major, Academy Adjutant, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

The current stable belt worn by all RMAS cadets is worn by those who have 'passed off the square' after their drill test in the junior term. Prior to this the standard issue green belts are worn by cadets. It should be noted that the stable belt is not worn with normal combat 95 uniform but only when in barrack dress order, that is lightweight trousers, jumper and brown shoes. With C95, green belts are worn with various stable belts being aquired upon arrival at a chosen Regiment or Corps.

With Thanks to MI Pratt OCDT 12 Platoon The Somme Company RMAS

An update (February 2015)

Clearly any mention of C95 need to be changed to PCS and barrack dress is referred to as Faraday Hall Order. It is no longer lightweights but No2 Trousers that are worn (No2 trousers being the updated name for FAD (Future Army Dress) which in turn replaced No2s until April 14 when the future became the present!)

Further to that the Sovereigns Plt is allowed wear the RMAS Stable Belt in the final weeks of the senior term in their PCS along with Sovereigns Plt cap badges and lanyards to differentiate them from he rest on the OCdts.

With Thanks

M Ottaway, Captain, AO 24 HQ Squadron, 13 Air Assault Support Regiment

Plastic Number One belt from the 1960's

With thanks to Colin Sinnott

White Webtex Number One Belt

With thanks to Colin Sinnott

Soldier '95 working dress belt. Worn by Cadets,open day Sandhurst, June 2010

With thanks Colin Sinnott

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