With Thanks to Les Deacon & Bill Kempton
BELT COLOURS - outer royal blue, with orange central stripe


"We only had one strap on our belt. A lot of regiments had this. It unfortunately caused the belt to roll down from the top and bottom, depending on your midriff. The wide version with two straps started with the Hussars, and spread over the corps and the Light Infantry. Some later belts (Anglians) wear this pattern also. There seems to be no reason for the pattern or the difference.

All belts closed at the side, to make easier movement when in the saddle, and to make the colours (flashed) when wearing a tunic or jacket. They were never used for holding your trousers up, because this was not their function. By later dress regulations, they were worn over the wool pullover, but never over any type of uniform dress (No 2's, No 1's, KD's, Whites etc).

There was no difference to Rupert's belts . Reason = Stable belts were NOT issued items and had to be bought by the wearer in the regimental PR shop.

With thanks to Les Deacon - Ex 3rd Queen's Regiment

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