BELT COLOURS - navy blue, red and yellow

(Above) - 13 (Air Assault) Support Regiment RLC - 16 (Air Assault) Brigade

With thanks to Alan Woolley

BELOW - Royal Logistic Corps Stable Belt with Royal Army Medical Corps buckle

The RLC/RAMC combo came from a local surplus store who stated it was brought in by a female.
It was set at 30Ē waist. Size label is S. The buckle is marked HOBSON&SON (LONDON) LTD

With thanks Ian Drummer

BELOW - Royal Logistic Corps with Divers buckle

A Divers trade stable belt worn by personnel of the Port & maritime unit Marchwood.
Belt has a divers helmet and the belt material is the same as the normal belt.

With thanks Paul Johnson


Soldiers wear the gold clip fastening stable belt. Officers are to wear the leather buckle side fastening stable belt, with the buckle worn over the left hip and fastening straps pointing backwards

"I was RAOC then RLC, I really like the idea of wearing stable belts. It is something that shows of your Corps or Regiment when not wearing your head dress, before the days of the TRF. It could be expensive if you had to buy a belt every time you went to a different brigade. We used to have pioneers who wore the side fastening RLC belt. That upset the officers. The pioneers said it was due to them doing a lot of physical work, bending etc and the ORs belt would dig into their stomach with the metal buckle. I donít know how long they were allowed to wear the officers belt, Pioneers were considered the odd cousin within the Corps and often a law unto themselves, they were often regiments by themselves and were not located with other RLC trade groups in the big regiments, which often contained a postal courier element, a supply element, a transport element and of course a chef element."

Received with thanks (March 2020)

The female stable belt 5cm in width compared to the male stable belt 6cm in width

Manufacturers Marks On Buckles and Belts

The two buckles shown above are from Toye Kenning and Spencer Ltd

Toye Kenning and Spencer Ltd label on inside of stable belt

Rear of buckle Hobson and Son

Label on inside of stable belt Hobson and Son

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