Comparison of belt widths. The thinner belt is for female soldiers

Officers Belt

(Above) 7 Battalion REME - 24 Airmobile Brigade

With thanks to Alan Woolley

7 Air Assault Battalion REME - 16 Air Assault Brigade

With thanks to Alan Woolley

BELT COLOURS - dark blue, red and yellow


When serving with personnel from other regiments, the following was often quoted at us, to describe our stable belt colours -

Blue - is the colour of the river you should have crossed
Red - is the colour of the blood you should have spilled
Yellow - is the colour why you didn't!

With thanks to Ron Collier Ex REME

As a PO+officer cadet ~1980 I was told our colours were -

Blue for the sea we've never crossed,
Red for the blood we've never spilt,
And yellow for the reason why

This was the mnemonic at Arbourfield +Bordon. Can't remember exactly where I heard it first.

Very proud Corps tradition of never fighting, not even with the local civvys.

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With thanks to OCdt Simon Dales

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