BELT COLOURS- black and light blue


This belt was originaly thought to have been commisioned by a procurement officer of the MOD in the 1970's but was never issued. Now there is a suggestion that it may have been worn by 3 SQN RAF Regiment when they were moved to Northern Ireland in the 1980's.

IMAGE & INFO - With thanks to Bruce Roth

I have never seen an example like this before and am unable to say anything sensible about the two possible explanations, though the first seems highly unlikely to me

The RAF Museum

Back in the late eighties we were buying Government surplus from mainly RAF Stations and bought 200 of these belts brand new and unissued, can't remember which station they came from, possibly RAF Stafford, but they were bundled with paper labels marked RAF REGIMENT. We asked and were told they were to similar to another belt and were rejected by the RAF.

(THE QUEEN'S OWN ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT???). It seems not to many people were involved with the issue of the belt as it was rejected at quite a high level. We sold most of these at all of the major Airshows over the uk in the 1990's.

With thanks to Richard Knowles

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