Record of Discussion and Decisions of the 356th Meeting of the
Army Dress Committee held in Army HQ Andover on 22 September 2016

Gurkha SPS Dress Regulations

Stable belt to be worn in No 13 and 14 Dress with buckle worn over left hip

GSPS stable belts may be worn in barracks where appropriate. All Ranks
GSPS stable belt. To be worn outside the pullover with buckle to the left side of the body.
All ranks GSPS stable belt with buckle over left hip. The GSPS personnel will wear their own
designed GSPS stable belts with black strap. Stable belts are worn in No. 5, 7, 8,13 and 14 Dress.

Corps Dress Regulations November 2016

BELT COLOURS - black, green, red and blue

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