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Know it well, the Gd Rm of St George's Bks, Gosport: I was stationed there from 69 to 71 successively of my Long LCT Course and then posted to 20 LCT Sp Regt RCT which became 20 Maritime Regt RCT in 71. The Gd Rm backed on to the MI Rm. To the left of the Gd Rm as pictured was the remains of the single track railway access from the then closed L&SWR Gosport Station to Royal Clarence Yard (RCY) embedded in the concrete!

St George's Barracks WAS the genuine Indian Army Bks built in the UK by mistake as the plans got mixed and a UK build set sent out to India. It was a 2 story half up half, down build with the lower floor effectively below ground level. Located on both sides of the road, the Gd Rm, MI Rm, RHQ and Offrs Mess were in one building followed by the Maritime Trg Wg of The Army School of Transport and located on the left hand side of the road going down to the Gosport Ferry forming one side of Weevil Lane, the side road leading down to RCY. The Sgts Mess and the very long sldrs accn block was on the right hand side along with the parade ground (virtually never used in a maritime unit) and sports field. The CO's quarter (and one other) was on the opposite side of Weevil Lane facing the Offrs Mess.

St Georges Barracks was occupied by part of the REME Trg Org just after the war.

An interesting point is that the Freedom of Portsmouth was held by the Army not the Navy; Portsmouth, with its extensive fortifications above the town, being historically an Army, rather than a Navy place! Thus whenever the Monarch visited the first person to greet her was, in my time, the CO of 20 Regt to present the keys. A facsimile of the keys was mounted on his staff car.

With thanks to Maj K S CASTELL FCCA FCMA ACIS RLY owc (Retd)

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