Buckle with a George V1 cypher

Royal Canadian Engineers Buckles

Canadian Military Engineers buckle post 1968

BELT COLOURS - red and blue


The above belts worn by the Royal Canadian Engineers Band in the 1960s with ceremonial buckle. The central stripe is a single thread of blue. The 1962 Dress orders do not actually describe the pattern, but I would say the one with the fine centre stripe is the most appropriate to describe as "The RCE Stable Belt".

Before 1968 when the Canadian Armed Forces unified from the Canadian Army, RCN and RCAF, the Royal Canadian Engineers wore the stable belt of the same pattern as that of the RE. I have examples of both the upper and lower type as illustrated on your website being worn by the RCE in the 1950s and 1960s. The CF Unification and Distinct Elemental uniforms that have been worn since 1968 do not use the stable belt.

With thanks for information and images - 2012, Canadian Military Engineers Museum, DND, Canada

With thanks to Alan Woolley

BELT COLOURS - red and blue

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