With thanks to Alan Woolley

BELT COLOURS - green, yellow and blue


The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (a Canadian reserve unit) wore the same stable belt as the Somerset Light Infantry (they were affiliated). Identical down to the snake buckle.

With thanks to Alan Woolley

The following information is from LCol Gary McQueen, CD, a former Commanding Officer of the RHLI

Apparently, at least from the 1960s onward if not before, the RHLI used blue on top. The memory device being "green grass on bottom, sun (yellow strip) on horizon, blue sky on top". When the RHLI created a camp flag around the 1990s (?), this was the colour arrangement. When the camp flag was re-designed around the 2000s, the arrangement was inadvertently reversed, so that green was on top. So, at the time the stable belts were worn, it would have been blue on top.

Currently, the regiment has been using green on top IAW with the new camp flag. Since we adopted the belt colours directly from the Somersets, it would seem that this would be the "correct" version. If that's the case, however, I have no explanation of why the RHLI flipped in the 60s.

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