With thanks to Alan Woolley

With thanks to Mike Pavitt

BELT COLOURS - maroon, yellow and black


When I first joined the Aussie Army and A Sqn 8/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles, I noted soldiers of my unit were wearing a stable belt Red/Yellow/Red. I was advised it wasn't VMR specific but was a corps belt (RAAC) worn by units who did not have a unit specific belt (which was the case with VMR at the time).

About 1983, we were advised RAAC belt design was changing to new colours and the reason given was yellow and red were the colours of the defeated Republic of South Vietnam and Armoured Corps did not want the same colours for their stable belt. Now I do not know if this was the real reason but it was the reason given to us lowly troopers by the SSM.

Considering this reason, I note 1/15th Royal NSW Lancers also used yellow and red yet retained these colours in spite of RAAC changing to Black Yellow Red.

This first pattern RAAC appears to be the same as the RAC Junior Leader belt.

With thanks to Keith Dudley, RAAC soldier (retired)

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