BELT COLOURS - black, with a Pegasus Airborne Forces badge buckle

1st Parachute Logistics Regiment


The personnel who wore this belt were drawn from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Corps of Transport and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Rather than use the individual Corps stable belt colours, a black belt was chosen to represent this unit.

We weren't around for very long, but the Regiment made it's mark, mainly with the Public Duties and being the very first Airborne unit into Northern Ireland in 1969, when the troubles started.

The Stable belt was authorised on the 19th May 1972, up until this time we wore our own Squadron stable belts (Corps colours with Pegasus Buckle). The reason the belt was black was because the Regimental sporting colour was Black, authorised 23rd October 1968.

With thanks to Mick Townsend, 1st Parachute Logistics Regiment

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