With thanks to Alan Woolley

Cavalry cap & arm badges with stable belt colours used as a background
With thanks to Robert Ward

With thanks to Nick Grant-Thorold RH 1978-1992 KRH 1992-2013

BELT COLOURS - crimson and medium yellow


In the interests of completeness; the 11th Hussars (PAO) also had a leather single-strap buckled stable belt, as well as the metal clipped one you show, with same belt colours and dimensions. I have my father's 11H leather buckled belt and can send you a photo if you want. Not sure whether the leather version was reserved for officers, or whether this is simply an early version before they went to metal (my father left 11H in 1960). I have all the Regimental Journals from 1945 to amalgamation with 10H in 1969.

I am going through the Journals, so far 1959 - 1969, and have just found evidence of 2 officers wearing the leather buckle version in 1959. But from 1960 to 1969 inclusive, all the officers and ORs are wearing the metal buckle. Indeed in 1962 there are photos of the various orders of Regimental Dress and the officer in shirt sleeve order has a metal buckle.

So I reckon the leather buckle went out of use around 1960. But I don't know whether it was reserved for officers before that date or was worn more widely (i.e. by ORs too). I will keep going through the earlier Journals and report any further findings.

I've now been through all the Journals I have, and haven't found any further concrete evidence I'm afraid. In fact they're all wearing issue web belts in the 1940s and early 1950s. My supposition is this: Stable Belts came into 11H in the early 1950s for officers only and with leather buckles. Around 1960 it was decided that all ranks should wear a stable belt and so 11H switched to a metal buckle and slider. This would certainly have been a more practical option for wider use.

With thanks to Nick Grant-Thorold RH 1978-1992 KRH 1992-2013

Looking at the photo of the 11th Hussars Stable Belt on your web page, I can verify that the leather buckle was used by all ranks from 1950. Having served with the 11th H in Malaya 1953/1956, I can confirm this to be so.

With thanks to John Plumb

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